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Pretty Little Liars Intel: Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you caught up on Episode 3 already? Okay, let's dive right in!

Sooo, Hanna is in trouble with the cops...again. I love when Ashley is all, "There is nothing I can do to fix this. Do you understand me?" Ewwww, basically saying all the sex in the world won't fix the totaled car. I still think it's so weird that she wrecked his car. I totally get taking it and driving home, but crashing? Who does that??

Of course, Hanna isn't grounded or anything, so she heads off to meet up with the girls at the bench that is going to be made into a spot to remember Ali.

While there, Spencer get the bright idea to block all unidentified numbers from her phone. The others follow suit, yet none of them remember that a few of their first notes were handwritten. A sees and knows all! Maybe they forgot about this fact because sexy Ezra Fitz rides by on his bike and they all are too busy swooning to be rational and smart.
  • They all use Spencer's computer to change their phone settings. I don't think Spencer is bad in anyway, but that's a little suspicious. 

As predicted, A somehow controls the wind and a flier blows by with the writing, "Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead." Creepy!

I guess it's the next day when they're at school and Maya is super sweet and gives Emily a scarf. It's a nice scarf, but an odd gift. I guess because so far Emily hasn't shown the least bit of interest in clothes.

Now, for evidence of a great outfit, see Hanna.

I think this is the outfit that really made me take notice to this show. I adore her blue and white striped dress with the added brown belt. So awesome. And she looks incredible in it.

Aria's outfit, on the other hand, looks like it is from Justice and made for a tween.

I can't believe she is setting up a dinner date with her teacher while wearing a skirt the size of a washcloth. Aria has a lot of self confidence, but I would think she would try to dress a little older as she begins a relationship with someone in his twenties. But, alas, dinner is set for 7:30pm.

Also, check out the chalkboard behind Fitz's head:

SPOILER ALERT: In season five, we find out that Fitz has been writing a book about Alison's disappearance, which involved him doing research on the girls. It's also in question whether he helped protect them at times, too. This is very Boo Radley of him: someone falsely accused of something who later helps out. Also, taken in the literal sense, Fitz does turn out to be a scout of some sort with the girls. The board also lists four, almost five, names under "Child Characters." Hmm.

Since everyone is having a crazy morning, Spencer finds out that her teacher, Mr. Sheldrake, submitted her stolen paper for the Golden Orchid, which is more "academic bling". I love how she assumes/knows she will win the award and worries about what she will do when she wins. Classic Spencer.

  • Kinda interesting that this is a mess up that Spencer got herself into all on her own. A didn't eff this one up for her.

Over in chem class, Emily gets paired up with mysterious Toby and while sitting at their lab desk, she opens her book to find the missing photobooth pics of her and Maya!

We get a flashback later on in the day when Aria is at home and almost tells her mom about Byron's affair. In the flashback, she and Ali see Byron and Meredith making out in the car and Ali pretty much insists that Aria tell Ella!
  • Ali loves to tell her friends what to do. She also tells Spencer she has to tell Melissa about her cheating fiance. 
I find Aria to be super annoying about the affair knowledge. I feel like she either should have told her mom when it happened or she now needs to just let it go. Ezra has a good point when he says that it's not her problem. It's something I would struggle with, too, as the middle child who needs peace, but the ship has sailed for her to tell her mom.

Meanwhile, Spencer is helping Hanna get ready for dinner with her dad. I love this because Hanna clearly can't wear anything from her own trendy closet and has gone to look in Spencer's. "That jacket's not you," Spencer says. "Then it's perfect." Oh, Hanna:) Ashley Marin doesn't get the dinner memo, though, because she gets dressed to the nines and then is gently told she isn't invited. Ouch!

Over at the cupcake shop where Maya works, Emily questions her about the photos that ended up in her book. She asks if Maya put them there. I know it's early on in the A stuff, but helloooo, her first thought should've been "OMG, it was A!"

Huge clue over at Ezra Fitz's!
  • The typewriter! 

  • There is also a guitar, which doesn't seem to have been a clue, but it's there so I'm noting it. 
Dinner doesn't go very well, though, because Aria can't handle the grown up conversation Fitz tries to have with her about her parents. I wonder if she realizes how childish she seems.

The next day in school, Hanna tells everyone about her dinner with her dad and she mentions going to Jolly Rogers, which, as far as I know, is at Ocean City, MD. Her dad does live in Maryland, but that seems a bit far. Of course, I can't be bothered to google if there is one closer. I used to love Jolly Rogers, though! Until the year I barfed after going on the swings:( Haven't been on those since.

In Mr. Fitz's class, things get a little tense as he they discuss To Kill a Mockingbird. Was Atticus a hypocrite in the book? And it was "easier to get the kid off than to get Boo off." Is this about A and Ali? I'm not sure and honestly, I didn't like TKAM and I'm sick of thinking about it. Do you have a theory? Let me know in the comments!

Hanna goes to another dinner with her dad that night and finds out that his dad is getting remarried to Isobel and she is gaining a step-sister, too. They end up recasting Kate later on, which is good, because this one is quite the drag. I mean, the recast one is, too, but at least the new one will look like a high schooler.

It ends up being super awkward at the dinner and her dad is a jerk and uses the dinner as a chance to tell Hanna that she will be working at dental office Sean's mom works at to pay off the damages to his car.

Check out this screen capture of Spencer:

  • Twin theory. Maybe it's someone else's twin and not Ali's
Wren has shown up at her house, drunk on scotch and asking why his calls have been blocked.
  • They wanted to block A's calls and Wren's are blocked? Coincidence? Why wouldn't she have his number?
They sorta have a moment, but then, instead Spencer gets him some black coffee. Jeez, at least make out first! He is hot!

They're totally being recorded, though. By whom!?

It's interesting how it's not as taboo for Wren and Spencer to potentially have something, but it is for Aria and Ezra. I get that Ezra has the extra fact that he is her teacher and that is such a no no, but on age alone, Wren and Ezra are about equal, no?

  • Wren stays at the Edgewood Motor Court. 
  • Room 105
I love that Hanna and Spencer, who seem SO different, are totally BFF. It's Hanna who Spencer tells about the stolen paper and it's Spencer who helps Hanna get ready to have dinner with her dad. And then it's Hanna who picks up Spencer when she drops Wren off at the motel.

While waiting in the car, Wren kisses Spencer and it's totally hot, although how awkward when he invites her in since Hanna is clearly sitting in the car waiting and watching.

Poor Hanna gets a very special shout out on the radio while waiting for Spencer to finish kissing Wren. "To Hanna, from your best friend, A"

This is when they realize they are "so out of [their] league".

Meanwhile, Emily throws the pictures of her and Maya away and sees Toby who is just lurking around, being weird. "Do you still swim?" he asks her oddly. They're friendly, but he is just so...weird. After that, Emily is walking around town and runs into Maya who she tells she needs space. Eek!

And over at Ezra's, he and Aria are finally having a nice dinner together, eating on the floor (weird) and talking about her parents' problems again. This time, though, she decides she needs to tell her mom. She ends up not coming to that decision soon enough, because A beats her to it!

  • It's definitely possible that Ezra sent that letter, since he would know the timing of her finally deciding to tell her mom. 
  • Oh, and it's written on a typewriter. Hmm.
Hanna and Spencer get back to the Hastings and have to send out an SOS once there because of what they see.

Aria still has that dumb phone.

Creepy! Also, reflections!
  • Of course Hanna knows it's Jungle Red color. 
It's hard to see, but while they're seeing the mirror, the broken pot from Wren is rearranged to look like a grave.

In this episode we basically learn that A is not going away very easily. 

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