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Pretty Little Liars Intel: Homecoming Hangover

Episode 7!

We pick up right where the last episode left of with Spender, Hanna, and Aria frantically trying to find Emily who is off with scary Toby. They call her, but then find her phone left on the floor in the hallway. But don't they look great?

Their shoes, though, scream 2010. Platforms, ugh. 

It is kind of scary when they walk into the lab and see a ton of broken glass and blood. That's definitely not a scene you walk in on and think "Oh okay, everything fine here!" We flash to Toby driving a bleeding Emily to the hospital. Toby just drops her off and flees, which raises everyone's suspicions. 

The next day, Emily is home and recovering as Mrs. Fields holds off the cops outside. They want to ask her more questions, but Em's mom ever so politely insists that her daughter told them everything the night before.Except, Mrs. Fields does find out that it was Toby and not Ben who was her daughter's date. Oops! She tells the officer "My daughter doesn't lie" and he replies, "Everybody lies."

We also find out Emily won the car from the Homecoming raffle. I'm a little jealous, all I won at my own high school dance was a microwave. (That I exchanged for a TV!)
  • Did A make this happen? (Emily's car, not my microwave.)

Aria and Spencer are there to fill in Emily on what she missed the night before when they read Toby's file Toby and Jenna were "involved" and Ali threatened to expose Toby.
  • Emily wonder why Toby didn't kill her the night before then. Why did he save her? Could he have really killed Ali?
The girls all think that Toby attacked Emily, but she told the police that she tripped on her dress.
Hanna shows up and I love how she just saunters past the cops like NBD. I also love when she whips the Toby folder out from under her shirt. She couldn't return it because cops are also at the medical building trying to find it! Of course, Aria has the brilliant idea to hide it in her locker until they decide what to do.

After the other girls leave, Emily asks Hanna why she thought she wanted to go to Homecoming with Maya. Thank goodness Hanna comes clean! She straight up tells her that A sent her the photo of Emily and Maya kissing and she is so sweet about giving Em advice.

Over at the country club, Spencer finds Alex to apologize about the dance and to ask for a makeup date. Alex agrees to hang out the next night as long as he can plan the entire evening, which totally makes type A (not that A) Spencer nervous.
  • Uptight girl who freaks that Spencer is in the kitchen could totally be A. What a drag!
Aria has her own problems, though, with 1) her parents not speaking and 2) Sean sent her flowers as a thank you. He later says they were just a thank you, but come on, teenagers don't send flowers as a thank you.

Back at Emily's she's having a dream about a wait, it's Jenna. Jenna and her seeing eye dog? She's brought cookies over and very pointedly asks Pam Fields if there's milk in the house. "You do have milk, don't you?" Only Jenna could make milk creepy. She pushes Emily to tell her anything she knows about Toby's whereabouts and says that she is very worried about him.
  • Emily lets it slip that they know what's in the file.
Jenna points out that she never told anyone about the girls' involvement in her accident that left her blind. She seems to be more worried about the file than about Toby.

At Rosewood High, Hanna meets Lucas there to take makeup Homecoming King and Queen photos. Man, Lucas LOVES Hanna.
 Sean is pretty pissed at Hanna still and makes the whole photoshoot pretty miserable. Although, maybe he's just pissed his crown looks ridiculous.
 At Emily's, she tries to get in touch with the girls to tell them to hang on to the file, but her mom snatches her phone and says she needs to rest. Her mom also decides it's time for some quality mother/daughter time but really she probably just wanted to ask Emily why she took Toby to the dance. Emily tries to defend Toby, but her mom points out that Toby blinded Jenna and does she know he didn't!? Der, she knows because SHE did it. The conversation takes an interesting turn when Mrs. Fields tells Emily to be honest with herself and everything she says could be applicable to Emily coming out, but she definitely only means Toby.

I took this screenshot of Aria's room because I really love it. I like how dark it is and it reminds me of  a loft. What I don't like is her awkward conversation with her dad about his relationship with her mom.
 Hanna, Aria, and Spencer drive off with the file and Hanna takes them to the woods/creek where she plans to burn the information. Spencer doesn't want her to, but Hanna points out that she can't have something else on her record and lets it out that she was caught shoplifting sunglasses. Spencer things the file proves that Toby has something to hide. "The devil has a name and it's Toby!" Aria takes matters into her owns hands and throws the file into the river, as if that solves the problem.
 Of course, right after that, she receives a text from Emily saying to not destroy the file!
 At school, Aria goes to Ezra's classroom, but he is still MIA and in his place is their sub, Miss Shephard. (Who, by the way, is the author of the PLL books!)
 Their lesson today is on Madame Bovary, which I've never read so I had to wiki it. At it's most basic, it's a book about a woman who has affairs to escape to banality of her life. Have you read it? I'd love to know if you can think of a PLL-related theory.
  • Blackboard says, "Is Emma Bovary responsible for her own downfall or is she a victim..."
 Elsewhere at RHS, Maya ignores Emily in the hallway and then Jenna comes up and asks about the file again. Emily tells her "It's gone" and Jenna is not pleased.

Spencer heads the the club because Alex blew off their date because he had to work, but since the club is closed, she didn't believe him. He wasn't lying, though, and is indeed there preparing for a big breakfast for the next day. She ends up staying to help and even wears a hairnet, which must really show she cares. I like Alex.
 Lucas shows Hanna the photos he took and it's kinda funny because he chooses the best one of Hanna, but Sean looks terrible in it.
  • Lucas mentions Photoshop about 500 times. Does he maybe Photoshop things later??
  • Also, is the yellow legal pad a clue? It seemed to be very on purposefully shown. I can't remember if A leaves a note on a yellow legal pad ever. Can you?
Lucas says how he was afraid of Alison and her friends and called them all "Alison's Coven". He says how Ali was evil and how could Hanna be friends with her? She nicknamed him Hermey the Hermaphrodite:( She explains that Ali could, if she wanted to, make a person feel amazing.  She was also mean to Hanna, too. That's where the Hefty Hanna nickname came from.

Elsewhere, Aria yells at Sean for sending her flowers since Hanna is her bff and has loved Sean 4 eva. Their conversation gets interrupted because Aria's brother Mike gets in a fight down the hall. I love when Aria says, "Let him go!" to Sean and then "Mike!" like he was supposed to just hang around and chat.

 At the club, Spencer goes looking for some supply or something and finds the awful collection of club member pictures with mean things written on them. Alex says he's never seen her picture there. He swears it. (Did A add it?)
 Ouch. Spencer is understandably upset and runs off.
 She does cool down, though, and when she comes back they end up kissing and it's pretty steamy. All I could think, though, was: Quit flipping your hair around! It's going to get in the food!
 At RHS, Emily takes a huge leap and tells Maya that she doesn't want to hide anymore and wants to try to make it work with her.

In Arialand, Byron and Ella, who are at the school because of Mike's fight, fight about how they're going to deal with things. Byron points out that Aria's been skipping classes and Ella's all "Are you calling me a bad mother?!" Yikes! Later on, because Byron refuses to move out, Ella does.

Maybe if she were a good mother, she would know her daughter is in love with her teacher...hmmm. Because, yeah, Aria is over at Fitz's and has used the key under the welcome mat to let herself in because she is worried about it.
  • A key under the mat. Really?
While in his apartment she overhears a message to him about an interview he has set up for a teaching position in New York. Cue sad Aria back in her room looking at her Sherwood Anderson book. I love that she has piles of books in her room.
 Sean, inspired by Aria's little talk with him, heads to Hanna's to make up with her, but he's kind of douchey and you can tell she is just not meshing with him at the moment.

On her way home, Emily passes by Toby's house and sees his motorcycle on the back of a tow truck, totally wrecked and sees Jenna crying. The girls meet up at Arias and wonder if Toby is dead and then get an A text.
 We end the episode with the girls wondering what happened to Toby and then we see a shot of A fishing the Toby file out of the water.
  • Aria is clearly not with them so she could be getting the papers, but so could a million other people.
Also, I'm not a huge fan of Emily's room, but I do love her window seat and two closets.

Any theories??

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