Monday, August 22, 2016

By the Numbers Or, Why I'm So Tired

The past month has been pretty crazy:

  • I went to three tennis tournaments: Citi Open in Washington, DC, Rogers Cup in Toronto, and the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
  • I spent seven full days sitting outside watching tennis. (Basically The Dream! But it was very very very hot.)
  • I worked 17 days.
  • I drove 8+ hours to upstate New York and back.
  • I rode 3.5+ hours from upstate New York to Toronto and back.
  • I drove 8+ hours to Cincinnati, Ohio and back.
  • I drove 2+ hours to and from work each of those 17 days. 
  • I went to Chincoteague for one of my "weekends".
  • I had writing group one Friday afternoon.
  • I entered #Pitchwars online, a writing contest. 
  • I read and/or listened to six books.
No wonder I'm tired:) But happy and fulfilled! 

1 comment:

An Evening With ~*Eve~* said...

1) Did you get a tan?

2) The month still isn't over yet. Longest month ever!!!!! It's hot here, too. And humid. So so humid.

3) I bet you'll read some more books before the month is over.