Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Sleep

Man has this past week been tiring. Starting with last Thursday I feel like I've just been trying to catch up on rest and relaxation when I can.

I was out late Thursday and then worked until midnight on Friday. Saturday I got up after just a few hours of sleep to take my parents to the airport. I had two naps that day before it was even 9am! I slept on the way to the airport and then passed out for an hour before work at my sister's apartment. Work that day was a blur.

Despite my tiredness, there were parties to attend. Ali and I headed over to our cousin's graduation party that turned out to be off the hook! They had two kegs for about 30 people and after quickly kicking the 1/4 one, my uncle headed off to pick up another. I was impressed. We had a good time and even caused quite the stir at the beer pong table because we were so good.

Sunday I was off and spent is doing nothing, which I needed to do.

Monday I worked at 7am, which was brutal, as always and that night I didn't get much sleep again! I was worried for Tuesday because I 1) worked at 7am again and 2) had tickets to see The Raconteurs that night!

Of course I went to the show. I think I would have gone even if Ali and Bearthaniel would have had to prop me up, haha! The Raconteurs were SO good. They were so good that I forgot how much my feet hurt and how tired I was.

Wednesday I was back at work at 9am, but at least I got to ride in HOV because the dark circles under my eyes had to sit in the passenger seat. I don't think I did anything that night.

Thursday was another regular day and Friday I had off. My initial plan was to just hang out and rest, but I'm never very good at staying home all day. Serena and Ravena were going to see the Sex And The City movie, but I hate paying for movies and rarely go to them. I also figured I would fall asleep during it anyway since they were going to a late showing, haha. However, at a bar I can stay awake and after Christopher called and said some people from college were meeting up, I headed out to meet up with them. I wasn't out very late, but somehow, as it always goes, I didn't get much sleep and headed into work on Saturday on very little sleep...again!

Per my daughter duties, I went to Dulles at about 730 to pick my parents up from their trip to St. Barths. I fell asleep while waiting in the cell phone parking lot. Awesome. Then I drove them home and turned right back around to go to a going away party in Fairfax where I stayed until 4am.

What is wrong with me? hahah! I had to rest my eyes before I could drive home and barely remember the conversation I had on the phone about 20 miles from my house.

Needless to say I slept way in today and will be having no trouble falling asleep tonight...unless someone calls with something fun to do!


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