Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Even though I am not a writer by any means of the imagination, I really want to have a story to tell. I have read so many books lately that I get a little jealous of what I am reading and sad that I haven't thought of a great story to tell. I brainstorm a lot at work because of the nature of what I am doing and sometimes I try to think up stories. It's hard to not be influenced by what I am already reading, though, so I kinda stopped doing that as much.

My new thinking is that I will dream up a story. I think the deep, dark recesses of my mind are filled with great ideas and I am just not tapping in to the correct area. A lot of authors say that their ideas came to them through a dream so maybe that will happen to me, too.

So hasn't gone well. Last night I had a dream that I went to Subway and ordered a steak and cheese and was annoyed it wasn't on a hoagie roll. The girl said, "We only use hoagies for cold cuts." Then, when I got my sandwich, it was on a hoagie! Thanks, Subway Girl!

In the second part of my dream I was sitting at home, enjoying my cheesesteak (on a hoagie roll) when I heard someone outside. I wasn't worried, though, because all of my windows were securely shut. I should have double-checked, though. All of a sudden, Willem Dafoe was outside my first window, trying to open it and peering in with his crazy grin!

I ran over to the next window and made sure it was locked just as he tried to open it. Whew, locked. Then we both ran to the third window with the same intents, but this time, the window slid open.

This is when I woke up.


+Title from Anna Ternheim

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Anonymous said...

At least your dreams are normal! The other night I had a dream about "Lost" where all of the survivors decided to make a Trojan horse and climb into it to try and trick the Black Smoke Monster so that they could get off of the island! Crazy.