Saturday, June 12, 2010

All I Need

One time at work, I made a list of my Top 10 Men....Celebs, of course. I think it started out as my Ross/Isabella Rossellini list for a future husband, but then I figured- why just have five!?

Top 10 (Possible Not In Order):
1. Brad Pitt

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

3. Tony Blair

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

5. Robert Pattinson

6. Joshua Jackson

7. Jared Leto (no makeup)

8. Ryan Reynolds

9. Bradley Cooper

10. Vince Vaughn

Who would be on yours???


rooroo said...

christian bale, timothy olyphant, michael c. hall, bradley cooper, joel mchale, ryan reynolds, jon hamm, adrien brody, bill hader, jake gyllenhaal.

great list!

Sparklebot said...

I'm not sure who would be on mine. I'd need to think that over. But, I'll tell you who WOULDN'T be on mine: Tony Blair!

Miss Scarlet said...

Rooroo- Great list! Jon Hamm is soooo dreamy.

Sparklebot- That's fine, more of Tony Blair for ME!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Anonymous said...

Vince Vaughn, 50 lbs ago, right?

And you might have to fight Jeannine for Joshua Jackson!