Sunday, August 22, 2010

Separate And Ever Deadly

I am sick of single people who start to date someone and then turn into a combined blob-form of a person.

Am I alone in the fact that I just really enjoy going to bars? I am not going there to "meet someone" (although, yes, that would be nice) so once I have a boyfriend, why would I stop going out? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND PEOPLE!

And asking for permission? Sure, if someone is married then communication is key and seeing if its cool to hang out with a friend is just nice. I get that, I do. There are things to consider such as dinner together and catching up, but sometimes I think married people use it as an excuse: "Oh, I'll have to ask my wife." but really he's saying, "I'm going to tell you I asked her and make her answer NO". And when people are just dating? I think way less of you if you say you're boy/girlfriend doesn't want you to. And declining an invite because your sig other is busy? Even. Worse.

Also, when out, why must couples always be touching? Now, if you're a long-distance couple or maybe have weird schedules and don't see each other much, then yes, your wanting to be near each other is fine. But if you are always together (because you decline invites out?) then, when you do go out, is it really necessary to constantly be touching? No.

"We." OMG, don't use this for everything. Unless it was an activity that you both did, use half as many "We"s in your sentences. "We love True Blood!" Great, so do *I*. "We aren't too hungry tonight." Did I ask about your both? No.

So couples, regain some of your independence and resist becoming a blob of a couple. Your friends will realllly appreciate it.




Anonymous said...

I get your point and completely understand how you feel. Don't ever hang out with Jeannine and Marcus, then!

Anonymous said...

I also think that when you get married or cohabitate with someone (or something like that) that everything becomes a joint venture b/c you start sharing everything with that person (including bodily fluids!). Plus you have that deep emotional bond with thme that makes you want to spend time with them all of the time (or a lot of the time). I think it's hard to understand when you are single...
most married/bf and gf guys that I know wish they could function more often without their significant other. Lol.

Miss Scarlet said...

I do get wanting to be around someone a lot. You wouldn't be dating them if not. But isn't it also nice to enjoy being around your sig other while they interact with others? I like seeing a boyfriend laugh and talk with someone else.

And really what astounds me is when someone changes their interests based on their bf/gf. I like going out so it's never going to work for me to date someone who hates that.

spencer said...

I'll post a comment once I talk to my wife about what we should say.

Unknown said...

Excellent post/debate! :-)

I also think it's awesome when couples have their own diverse interests and can hang out separately. Granted, it's weird when they always hang out separately, but having your own thing every once in a while can be kind of nice. Think of how much more interesting the conversation will be when you're together.

Miss Scarlet said...

That's a good point, Serena. So refreshing to get together and have interesting things to say. If two people are always together, they convos must get mundane.