Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hate It Or Love It

I don't like sour cream, but I guess I can see why some people do. I also don't like hot peppers, but again, I can see how people do.

Like politics, seasonal preferences have become to new fighting topic. Hot Lovers Vs. Cold Lovers. While I am able to admit that I know most people don't want it to be as cold as I'd like it to be, I will never understand wanting it to be brutally hot out.

So what makes a person love summer vs winter or vice versa?

When I was growing up we rarely used our air conditioning. In my earlier life we just didn't have it and then later on my mom refused to turn it on. I think this changed once she started working outside (postal worker) and needed to cool off at night.

I worked as a lifeguard for five summers. At a certain point, even getting in the pool doesn't bring relief from the heat. There is nothing like sitting above a pool with the sun glaring on you from all sides (bc of the reflection) and getting kids to jump in the pool to splash you.

I hate pastels. I reallllly hate pastels. Sure, I wear them sometimes, but it's mostly because at a certain point, that's all that's clean (haha)! I think they're just wussy colors. Light blue is the work of the devil.

I love sweaters. I have always loved sweaters. When I was in high school, one of my favorite things to do was to get the fall JCrew catalog and mark everything I wanted and add up the total. Not that I got everything, but my grandmother is an amazingly kind woman who really did hook me up with some JCrew goodness.

I love layers. My favorite outfit involves at least two shirts....more if possible. I love for different layers to peek out! It's like an outfit that keeps on giving.

I hate to sweat. Does anyone like to sweat? And I don't mean while working out-that's different. For a couple of years my car didn't have AC and I had an hour long commute to work. It is not pleasant to show up to work and already be sweaty. In the winter I try to leave my windows open as much as possible. I don't really use the heat in my car that much (except in the early morning) because I want to enjoy the revitalizing air.

I don't want to see people wearing little to no clothes. I hated it in college when February would have a fluke warm day and a bunch of girls would go to the grassy area and hang out in shorts and tank tops. I never understood it. I hang on to my jackets and warm clothes for as long as I can. I've seen way too many short shorts this summer-gross! And tank tops? Stop!

I love scarves. A lot. Like, I wear them all day long.

So yeah, the facts all lead to the already known fact that I, Scarlet, love cold weather. So what's with the weirdos who want it to be so hot?


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