Wednesday, September 08, 2010

We Don't Care

Why I Dislike College Football:

I think its weird when someone cheers for a college team of where they did not attend. I went to a school with no football team (on purpose) so I have never had an allegiance to a team. Even my sister's school didn't have a team and neither of my parents went to college so there are no teams I would get excited about. I guess the closest I could get for a connection to a team is that my brother and my brother-in-law were/are in the Navy. Even then, it's not like they went to the academy.

My cousin and her husband went to VA Tech and even though they're almost 40, they really get into the team still. I don't understand it, though. It's not like they know any of the players still. At least when I cheer for the Redskins I can get excited every year about seeing Chris Cooley play. In college football you only see a player for four, maybe five years.

I also don't see the same excitement in college football that I do in professional football. The season just started and already its all about the same teams who won last year. Sure, the NFL always has the better teams, but if the Redskins have a good year, they can still make the playoffs and then the Superbowl. That rarely, if ever, happens in college.

Cheering for someone that I could essential sit next to in a class is not fun to me. I don't care about the BMOC I care about the professional athlete who is making millions of dollars and needs to prove his worth. I know most would disagree with that, but also, its not like those college kids don't get perks and gifts. *cough* Reggie Bush *cough* Actually, Reggie Bush is a great example: I don't even know what college he went to, but now that he plays for the Saints, he matters to me.

When I was deciding where to go to college, my back up school ended up being the University of VA and while on my tour there, the guide took us by the stadium. We couldn't go in because there was a game later or something, but I remember her telling us about game days and how everyone got dressed up and drank all day. It sounded like a lot of fun at the time, but I had also just come from four years of being in Marching Band and while I liked parts of that experience, I wanted to be far far away from it. College football=Marching Band to me and I want to be far far away from it.



P.S. Go, Redskins!

+Title from Kanye West


Unknown said...

Hell, I come from Texas, and I still don't like college football. Of course, I'm not much of a football fan in general, so I can't say that I appreciate professional much more. I do sort of wish I could be at the Redskins/Cowboys game this Saturday. ;-)

Anonymous said...

UVA was your back up school?!? Interesting.

I don't really care for football too much, but now that Cher goes to Penn State, I cheer for them from time to time. Just because. I really don't have a reason. I just do just because. LOL.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- It was a good game!

Randi- Yeah, I liked Mary Washington better and they didn't have Greek life or football-both of which I didn't want at my college.

Unknown said...

The funny part about UVA being your back up school is that when you would have gone they didn't have a marching band. In fact that was one of the things UVA was known for. Instead up until a few years ago they had a Pep Band that was full of non traditional instruments like the dijaridu (sp?) and an electric guitar, etc.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ravena- Definitely not the only reason I chose Mary Washington over UVA, but I did definitely want to get away from the school sports aspect as a whole.