Thursday, October 28, 2010

In My Dreams

The Vampire Diaries is the perfect type of show for me. It has everything: drama, comedy, hott guys, a fast moving pace, great music, great clothes, great romance, etc. It is also show that I don't really want to be in and that is perfect for my personality. I tend to get very involved and/or connected to things I like. When I was 15 and watching Friends, I always imagined my life just like theirs when I'd be older. I still want to live in a New England town on the water when I watch Dawson's Creek. And Alias? If the CIA called me up tomorrow, I'd sign on the dotted line.

I am an extreme romantic. I'm not delusional in real life, but I am a sucker for it in TV shows and movies. I love seeing people fall in love on the screen and Stefan and Elena are no exception. In addition to romance, I am also a TV sucker for the hott bad boy a la Damon Salvatore.

But, like I said, Vampire Diaries is good for me because I get my fill of over the top romance and hott guys, but I don't end up thinking, "OOOhhh why can't real life be like the Vampire Diaries?!" because you know what? life on The Vampire Diaries kinda sucks. They're always in danger and, even though I love that it always seems to be chilly there, I don't want to live there where life is constantly in jeopardy.


+Title from The Eels

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