Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Frock You: A TV Fashioncast...GIRLS!

On this week's Frock You, Serena and I discussed HBO's Girls, which was very interesting! More than a lot of shows, the four main characters wear more "real" clothes...or do they? Once you start to look closely at what they're wearing, you realize it might be "NY real", but it's not very real for me and my friends.

And do you have a favorite girl? Mine's always been Marnie and, like Serena points out on the podcast, it's probably because she dresses the nicest...or, rather, she looks the most high end, which is what I like most in fashion. Hey, I'm not shy about admitting that!

So, check out the episode here and let me know what you think!


Randi said...

Marnie is your favorite character?!? OMG. I can't stand her. Love Shoshanna, though.

Miss Scarlet said...

Full disclosure, I haven't watched season 3 in its entirety.

I can't stand Shoshanna. The way she speaks drives me crazy. I like Marnie bc she is the prettiest:) And, in the beginning, at least, she is the most together.