Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book Boos: September 2017

6. HEIR OF FIRE by Sarah J. Maas. (Audio). Like I said for past posts, I reread the entire THRONE OF GLASS series in anticipation of the 6th book being released. So, I love this book, but I try to put newer books in the higher spots. I really love reading as Aelin discovers more about herself and her powers and, of course, the introduction of Rowen. SJM is so good at writing characters who are dealing with grief, I think.

5. QUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas. (Audio). One of my favorite scenes of any book is in this book: when the orchestra protests. I love it so so so so SOOOOOOO much and it gives me chills when I read it. This is what I told Sarah when I met her on the TOWER OF DAWN tour and explained that I was a musician so it meant so much to me. Also...and, I'm not certain if it's this book or #3, but I love the introduction of Lorcan who has become one of my favorite characters of the series!

 4. EMPIRE OF STORMS by Sarah J. Maas. (Audio). I remember reading this the first time and thinking about how epic it was, but that there were things I didn't's why I reread the series. And it was a good decision because little things jumped out at me and it made the entire story so much more badass and enjoyable. Love this series!

3. THE WAKING LAND by Callie Bates. I enjoyed this story about a young woman who is returned to her family after being raised by her enemies and her discovery of the magic within her. I love when magic is written as a connection to nature and that was a huge part of the premise of this book.

2. THE GOBLINS OF BELLWATER by Molly Ringle. (ARC). I admittedly chose this book based on the cover and I am SO GLAD I did! I loved this story and the ambience created in it. It reminded me of a Midsummer Night's Dream of humans and fae interacting and being tricked and nothing being quite as it seems.

1. AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS by Margaret Rogerson. (ARC). I was hearing a lot of buzz about this book so I bumped it up on my reading list and I am so glad! I read a lot of reviews comparing it to A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah J. Maas, but except for some similarities, they seem quite different to me. I really loved Isobel and how her art was used as a plot device and I, of course, loved the autumn prince. It was a wild journey through the fae lands and, if anything, I could have used more of that! I look forward to reading more by this author.

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