Thursday, January 27, 2011

My List

I know a lot of people think I am crazy for loving Fall and Winter so much and disliking Spring and Summer. Here are my reasons why:

Fall/Winter Loves:
  • snow is so pretty
  • easier for my hair to look good (no humidity)
  • better clothes! I love sweaters! and layers!
  • tights
  • no pastels
  • beautiful leaves in the fall
  • boots
  • cashmere
  • my birthday
  • can wear more makeup
  • scarves
  • santa

 Spring/Summer Dislikes*:
  • allergies. OMG they're the worst. this should be X 100.
  • sweating
  • melting makeup
  • frizzy hair
  • pastels
  • people wear way too little clothing
  • beer warms up too quickly
  • I'm not in school anymore so no summer break
  • seeing people's feet

*This doesn't include the beach or pool. I LOVE the beach and pool! More than most people...and I know that's confusing for someone who wants it to be 20 degrees, but in the middle of August when it's 100 degrees, I can't be at the beach 24/7. Going to work and sweating on the way is horrible. I'd rather it be cold.

+Title from The Killers

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