Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Top 14 Perform

Apologies for being SO late with this!

Group dance:

"Last Moment" by Christophe Filippi

Choreographed by Stacey Tookey:

This is great music to dance to and I do like the routine. A little too much symbolism, though-blech.

Yikes...they're kicking off four people tonight. That's brutal. So, top 10: Bridget, Emilio, Jacque, Ricky, Tanisha, "Scarlett O'Hara" Rudy, Valerie, Zack. OMG WHY IS SERGE NOT IN THE TOP 8!!?!?!??

Bridget and Emilio dancing jazz:

"Long Road To Hell"  by Avici

Choreographed by Ray Leeper

This routine feels like it could totally be in Step Up or Center Stage or something. I like it! I could have done without the tricks he did, though. Just seemed to be too much.

Tanisha and Rudy dancing contemporary:

"Seduces Me" by Celine Dion

Choregraphed by Mandy Moore

OMG Celine Dion songs are perfect for this show! Ooooh I am LOVING this. It's smooth and emotional and yeah, with a million lifts that flow so well. Lovely!

Serge solo:

Sucks he is a ballroom dancer because it's so hard to give a good solo with that. He didn't dance past the music, though, so that's good!

Jacque and Zack dancing pasa doble:

"Dragula" by Rob Zombie

Choreographed by Jean-Marc

Whoa, cool music choice. The costuming is fun as I feel like we are straight out of a Victorian nightmare. The lights are actually a bit distracting and some of the moves feel forced as opposed to flowy. It's probably good they've already made the Top 10.

Carly's solo:

She looks like a little girl...who is also a stripper. But for real, lovely dancing. Lots o' spins.

Emily and Teddy dancing broadway:

"From This Moment On" from Kiss Me Kate

Choreographed by Warren Carlyle

Oooh love her dress! I'm into this routine because I love the '20s feel to it. It's also kind of refreshing to have a number with no lyrics.

Kasey solo:

Good song choice:) Love Ed Sheeran. Whoa, he is really showing off with his spins! (I sound like I'm critiquing figure skating.)

Emily solo:

She looks gorgeous. Love the black outfit with the sleeves. So far, in my opinion, this is the best solo because it actually felt choreographed and like it was done with feeling. 

Jessica and Kasey dancing contemporary:

"Like Real People Do" by Hozier

Choreographed by Travis Wall

Let's make a deal, SYTYCD- always have Travis Wall on every week. Beautiful lines so far with both their limbs and her dress. Awwww, that was so nice! I loved it!!!!! Travis Wall has The Best musicality. I totally agree with Christian Applegate that they dance with amazing intention. It was so believable.

Teddy solo:

Ooh cool solo. Hip hop is one of the best for solos because as long as you show some musicality, you're good to go.

Carly and Serge dancing quickstep:

"A Cool Cat in Town" by Tape Five

Choreographed by Jean-Luc

Yikes, that's a lot of dress yet not a lot of dress all at once. Man, I like these two so much and I wish they had gotten an 'easy' contemporary or something. This was good, but didn't blow me away.

Jessica solo:

Dancing to Beyonce. Done.

Valerie and Ricky dancing hip hop:

"Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake

Choreographed by Christopher and Krystal

Ricky is perfect for this type of theatrical dance. Wow, that leg move thing she did and everything after was so awesome. Really liked this!

Top 7 Girls:

"My Immortal" by Evanescence

Choreographed by Mandy Moore

That was so good. Just like she said, it was very strong. And beautiful! I even liked their prom dresses.

Top 7 Guys:

"Wave" by Beck

Choreographed Travis Wall

Of course Travis Wall picks Beck:) This is a cool piece and it definitely feels like we're either on a wave or in the sky and I like that feeling. I also loved the beginning and end where they all just appeared/disappeared. Haha, Christina looks like she is about to faint.

Okay...time to kick off four:( The guy and girl going through are Jessica and Kasey. Duh. (Bye, Serge! xoxo)

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