Sunday, June 28, 2015

Virginia Wimbledon

Back in January, when I requested off for the second week in July, it was with the extremely high hopes that I would win Wimbledon tickets in their annual ballot. Being my second year entering it, and being the insane tennis fan that I am, I had a feeling it would work out for me.

Well, it didn't. But that's okay because I am going to make the best of it and celebrate Wimbledon in Virginia! I love a challenge so I've decided that for two weeks, I'm going full on British*. I always get strawberries and cream for the finals, but this year, I am majorly upping the ante. We're talking tea, scones, meat pies, mushy peas, Pimms, more Us in my words, fewer Zs, and hopefully a lot of chips!

This is going to be FUN and I am going to document VA Wimbledon both here and on twitter and instagram with the hashtag #VAwimbledon. Follow along and let me know if you have any classic British foods I should try.

Unfortunately, I still have to work this week, so things will be a little more tough and I might have to fudge a little on some meals. But where I can, I am in 100%. Luckily, I already love tea so I'll have no problem subbing that for coffee for 14 days. I also went to both Wegmans and The British Pantry in Aldie, VA to stock up on some other treats.

The UK aisle at Wegmans.

My haul from Wegmans.

Starting on Saturday the 4th**, I am off until after the finals so I can also try to cook some British meals. Or maybe I'll just go to my favourite Irish bar every day and order bangers and mash, fish and chips, or boxty.


Also...go Andy Murray!!!!!


*This will include anything from Great Britain, of course.
**Might pause to celebrate Independence Day because otherwise, that's super awkward.

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