Friday, December 30, 2005


Only I would manage to spill coffee on a wall.

I got to work late this morning because I went to get an oil change at Jiffy Lube. I hate going to JL because they always try to get you to get the more expensive oil or to get something else changed, etc. I know it's their job so I don't mind but I'm like, "no," "no," "no." Luckily this morning's endeavor went quickly and I only had one moment of "huh?" as a result of being tired.

It took forever to get out of my house this morning though and all of my energy to fight the part of me trying to get back and bed to sleep longer. Then, when I was about 5 miles on my way to town I realized I had forgotten my phone and had to turn around. Then I stepped in a puddle on my walk up to the front door and got my shoe wet. I didn't think there were puddles in December...isn't that a springtime kind of thing?

Anyway, so eventually I made it to work and was carrying my bag (which everyone loved last night, weird) and coffee headed to my desk when I decided to grab the set of plans I needed, too. Great idea, Einstein. Ended up dropping the plans which caused the lid of my life juice (coffee) to spill all down the wall.


Then I get up to my desk and people are measuring things, like the wall and stuff, but noone explains why. So I just sit down and cautiously turn my computer on and try to figure out why the people surrounding my desk seem so chipper when it's still pretty early by my clock. Luckily, it doesn't take long to figure out their intentions and they are good, not evil, so I let them carry on.

That brings us to now and I'm going to get back to my asiago cheese bagel and what's left of my coffee.



Unknown said...

That was weird that, after having the bag for so long, people chose last night to love it : )

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah and everytime they said, "I love your bag" I would hold up my new, and hotter (in my opinion) one, and want to talk about it.

I didn't think the big, black bag was that special, hehe.