Tuesday, December 27, 2005


OK, So part of me misses the more "wild" me of going out and causing trouble and talking to strangers, stuff like that. Part of me misses the tamer side of renting a movie and hanging out, finding interesting things to see and talk about. So are you wondering which part is left? I am, too.

Much like I try to not have regrets, I also try to not be overly nostalgic about the way things were. A silver lining can always be found and positives are always there in the new situation. But even when aware of this fact I still know that I'm missing out on the previous silver lining and sometimes that lining seems better.

I just wish everyone wasn't so busy (me included). I want more of the easy hanging out. The watching TV, or happy hour kind. The "stop by on your way" kind (although kind of difficult since stopping by means driving quite a bit out of the way;). That is definitely a Richmond thing I miss-the ability to stop by. Or run home and grab something on your way. Everyone was close. People used to come over to my apartment to just hang out or watch TV. We would hang out in my room. I would hang out in there's. I miss these things.


Amanda said...

i hear you on this one. it seems like ever though we have all these ways of staying touch, we end up feeling all the most isolated in the end. i don't get it. it's a little sad.

thanks for leaving me a comment, glad i found your site!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I understand what you're trying to say in this post. Unfortunately, I'm sitting here trying to remember if I've ever been there. My problem is that I've always been too good at dropping things that are "of the past" (not that yours is...just trying to relate it to my own life). Anyway, I think it's kind of sad that I've never known the "easy" Scarlet, where planning didn't have to occur and there wasn't always this delicate dance.

Miss Scarlet said...

A lot of the things I miss seem to be in the recent past which is where different silver linings come into play.

"Easy" Scarlet, haha!

Miss city living.