Monday, December 26, 2005

What You're Up Against

Having to go back to work after Christmas sucks.

Everyone is going to ask me what I got but isn't that just like when someone asks how your weekend was? And it's only because they want to tell you about their weekend? Nah, I'm not that cynical. I just think my small talk skills are lacking so I try to avoid all situations where they will be called upon.

But really, going back to work after Christmas sucks because the spirit seems to just evaporate and everything goes back to the same old way. I guess we have a few more days since New Years is in a week but I'll never understand work-a-holics and their sickness that causes them to jump back into their piled up desks feet first! I plan on spending my day playing with my new iDog, uploading my new CDs to my work computer, and catching up on my blogs that aren't bookmarked at home. (Ok ok, I do have work I have to do and I will do it but I'm not going to forget that 48 hours earlier I was enjoying Christmas.)

Oh, but a thought....The end of Christmas and 2005 means I can start thinking about...MY BIRTHDAY!


Unknown said...

You just described my day (sans iDog)! I firmly believe some waters must be entered back into gently.

Miss Scarlet said...

Man! iDog isn't going to be fun if my iPod doesn't work! NOOOOO!