Thursday, December 29, 2005


Apparently I have the inate talent of making things more difficult and complicated than they really are. And this is weird because I always thought I was the opposite but here I am, overanalyzing a simple question and getting frustrated because I keep thinking of another way to view the situation. It's like I have a simple question, for example, "Can I not work on Sunday?" but I try to add to it the responses to the questions they will inevitably say or think. So then it turns into, "Because you have enough staff and I have a family obligation, can I not work on Sunday which won't interfere with blah blah blah and will only have the blah blah blah consequence." You can see how the simple question became bogged down with the extras. My questions are headed towards having their own footnotes and clarifying documents attached.


I'm just a little worried about the questions that won't be raised!


Unknown said...

Hahahaha. Don't mean to laugh at your pain, but it is a little funny. I think you should look at it as the really smart people plan for all possible scenarios and try to circumvent unnecessary questions.

Miss Scarlet said...

No that's EXACTLY it...I try to avoid:
-unnecessary talking (from me and them)
-ambiguity (although I fail at this, I know)
-a situation where I will look stupid or like I didn't realize something

It's the 3rd one the most. I hate looking stupid.