Thursday, June 01, 2006


My Blogogaphry or, Scarlet Is Hogging The Internet:

I used to go to the open computer lab sessions in high school to use the internet because I didn't have it at my house. I remember going to websites like Time Magazine and Clinique and just browsing (er, surfing) the entire time. I watched my friend email one day and she told me, "Only use lower case letters in email, noone uses upper case" and that stuck with me for quite awhile until I realized, "Wait, this looks dumb and plenty of people use punctuation and capital letters!"

I got my first real computer (not Commodore 64 or Amiga) right before I headed off to college in 1998 and about 5 seconds after I had the thing hooked up I was on hotmail getting my first email address with the guidance of my roommate. I think it took me all night to decide on my hotmail username, like I was naming my first child and not an email address that I would eventually fill to capacity and then forget the password to. I finally decided on "tennisfreak80" which was probably a reflection of my extreme nervousness for the quickly approaching tennis tryouts I had in a few days and the ever present reminder that I had procrastinated on starting my summer tennis training for so long that it was now not even summer anymore.

I also had the daunting task of choosing my AIM name, something else my new roommate and her friends helped me with. They were all from the Richmond area and probably thought I was some country-bumpkin' who only had electricity on even days and was probably missing a few teeth. I did a good job with that decision though as I still use that AIM name: sgt5pepper (feel free to add me). I don't know why I thought these were such big decisions at the time. Since then I've had a gazillion more email addresses and AIM names (you know, for IM wars) but I remember that night and agonizing over my choices.

I think my first claimed space online was in a website I made although now I'm not too sure bc the first guestbook entry is March of 2000. Maybe I made it earlier and then added the guestbook...anyway, details aren't important. What is important is that you do not make fun of it. I was a bit obsessed with anything tennis related or band related at the time. Please do not judge.

Wow, I thought this Blogography was going to be short and sweet but there is no way I will get through everything without this being longer than my crush on Brad Pitt. I guess we will call this Part 1 and expect Part 2-? in the coming days.

to be continued...


Christina said...

I'm trying so hard not to make fun of your website right now and it's taking every ounce of self-control.

And in that way I kind of just made fun of it.

My favorite part is how the "I LOVE TENNIS" part flashes on and off. Like, you REALLY mean it.

Miss Scarlet said...

HAHAHA I love how honest you are. Don't worry, I KNOW it's horrible and it's pretty much every little bell and whistle I could find to do that wasn't terribly difficult.

Web designer, I am not.

CBK said...

I think the site is cute! As for the Foo Fighters, I was at that same Nissan Pavilion show with The Chili Peppers! I totally remember Dave going out into the crowd, but I was too far back to see much. Haven't seen them in a small venue like the Black Cat, though. Deciding between Elliott at the 9:30 and Foo at the Black Cat would be a VERY hard decision!

audrey said...

i love your site too, but not as much as your autobiography. too cute.

Melissa said...

Whoo! That lavender background!!

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- Thanks! That's crazy you were there, too! I was so mad RHCP didn't play naked.

Audrey- Autobiography continues tomorrow!

Velvet- You love it, I know you do;)

dara said...

It's sort of fun to look at the past sites, no?

I ony have a cached version of my site from the last-90's, but it was pretty horrible, almost like an direction manual for "how not to make a website." The background was really bright turquoise.

Alas, none of the fun stuff is operational anymore. But my brother's website from two years ago is still up and running, ha ha. He doesn't know that I remember it.

Miss Scarlet said...

Dara- Haha, that's hilarious. It's just so funny how that stupid site is still online. Like, do people actually go to my page and think it's something I keep up on and am proud of?

dara said...

Scarlet, I wish I could show you the old site. The main page had "Dara's Homepage" in flashing multicolor letters surrounded by what looked like flashing Christmas Tree lightbulbs.

For a time, I was REALLY proud of it. Heck, I linked to my resume from that site when I was a law student.

The only thing that survived is the guestbook, which I have on my current blog, but updated, with more fun questions.

And, for the record, you're not the only one who used to crush on Brad Pitt. I'm hoping to post something on that tomorrow.