Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Baltimore Love* Thing

*Love=Birthday for this post but I can't just change the song title.

So yesterday was a lot of fun! Serena and I took Steven to Baltimore for the day to celebrate his birthday and this is what we did:

-Took a detour to BWI to confuse him and make him think we were flying somewhere. We had told him to bring his passport. Nevermind the fact that I don't have one and Serena's expired, ha.

-Had lunch and A LOT of beer at Max's in Fells Point resulting in us being a little tipsy. Lunch was good: awesome fries and honey mustard and Steven got his daily bread requirement;)

-Went to Soundgarden and I.Did.Not.Buy.Anything!!!!! Whoa. But I was looking only for Mogwai and they had no Mogwai used so I didn't get anything.

-Walked along the pier and tried to find a boat to steal.

-Went to the Aquarium which had WAY TOO MANY KIDS IN IT but the animals were cool and I liked the Aussie movie which the funny narrator.

-Visited the Baltimore Barnes & Noble and had gelatto. YUM!

-Had $3 margaritas and tried to decided why people were dressed up as devils and angels.

-Steven played the recorder while I drove by Pier 6.

-Amazingly hit no traffic on the way home.

-Went to Olive Garden for awesome limoncello lemonades and lettuce that I had been craving. (Had other things, too.)

-Cake and presents and...ants at Steven's!

It was a fun day...Hope he had a good time, too. I have lots of pictures from the day but it would take hours to upload them with dial up so those will come later.



Anonymous said...

My fiancee has an unnatural love of Olive Garden. She'd be jealous.

teahouse said...

Gosh, I love Baltimore. The last time I was there I had the best steamed crabs in creation at O'Brycki's!

Miss Scarlet said...

Spencer- We used to go to OG a lot when I was little for family birthdays, but I hadn't been in years until about last year.

Teahouse- Yummmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Was definitely fun. Even the fact that it was ass hot was somewhat bearable. One of my favorite quotes by the bartender at Max's to me upon ordering a jack and coke..."I love you!" hahaha.