Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Return To Sender

Now, I am not the best when it comes to keeping in contact with people so the following could probably all be filed under "Hypocritical." There are some instances, however, when I get so incredibly irritated with people for not keeping in contact with me.

Case 1: I emailed a friend and said Happy Birthday and have yet to receive an acknowledgement of the email. And that's all I want. Just a "thanks" so I know the person got it. And really, how hard is it to click on "reply," type six letters and then tab over to send and hit return? It takes less effort than it would have to READ the flipping email. I just don't understand. I can see both sides to this: Yes, my wishing the person a happy birthday is something I don't wish for gratitude from, but if it were me, I would have been thankful for the well wishes and wanted the sender to know that.

Case 2: I have some good friends from college/after college who are back in the area. We fell out of touch the past few years, most likely due to different interests and the addition of quite a few states between us. But now they are within an hour of me and I have tried to get back in touch with them to no avail. This I do not understand, unless of course, there is another reason and they, for some reason, wish not to talk to me. But who the hell wouldn't want to talk to me? This is the same person who said I am never in a bad mood.*

Case 3: I certainly don't expect anyone to comment on any blogs I write. I, of course, LOVE to get them and those little comment emails make my day. What I do expect is for PEOPLE I KNOW who have blogs that I visit, to return the 'favor'. Some people, and I'm not naming names, should get off their high horse and that's all I'm going to say.

Am I being unreasonable? I know Case 3 is a bit much and is really just a little pet peeve of mine. But what about the other two? Am I right to be a little annoyed by those??

*Shhhh, Ali!


rooroo said...

i know several people in real life who read my blog but leave no evidence of their comings and goings (ie comments). then i see them and try to tell them a story and they're all, "yeah, i read that on your blog." wtf? show some love.

lala said...

i mean, seriously. if you send someone [who you shouldn't be sending emails to in the first place] something you know they will appreciate and you get no acknowledgement, wtf?! damn them all. damn them!

Alison Santighian said...

Isn't the whole point of having a blog (or at least part of it) to start a conversation about something? Maybe I'm one of the Case #3 people, but I wholeheartedly support the conversations in the comments! And I love site meter! I can tell who of non-blogworld friends (and some blogworld friends) are checking out my they have no escape!

Anonymous said...

I see it's not only me. I'm always wondering why people read and don't respond - but I've been running a list for Michael Penn for years now and realize that's the way it is. All of the conversation is generally done by 10% of the list.

Take heart Scarlet - I'm envious of the number of comments and readers you have.

Miss Scarlet said...

Rooroo- I have someone who has a blog and I used to comment/read ALL THE TIME yet he never came to mine AND he never linked to me yet he put up links to crappy blogs not even written on anymore? WTF is right!


DCCeline- Ahh yes, I love them.

Miss Scarlet said...

Spencer- Aw, thanks. Commenting is fun, more people should do it.

minijonb said...

i try to comment as much as i can, but sometimes i just run out of things to say!!!

when people lurk but don't comment, it is annoying, but i know they'll get around to it when they can.

your email story is more of a problem. but maybe they can't type the reply because they are injured... lying on the floor... in need of insulin and Lassie can't get to help fast enough! OMG send help! =;-)

Miss Scarlet said...

Minijonb- It's more when someone has their own blog that I used to frequent and interact with (comment) a lot. I didn't take it personally when I wasn't linked bc the links had a theme. But then, when blogs just like mine were in the "friends" section? Ummmmm, ok! Forget that!

Anonymous said...

I tend to take it as a comment on:

- the quality of my posts
- the lack of people visiting

when I don't have comments. In other words - everything is my fault.

Anyway - case 1 - you definitely should have gotten a response (of course I'm absent minded enough to have done this). case 2 - you never know what their sich is, but a call wouldn't hurt.

Unknown said...

Not returning emails is indeed a travesty, but I understand the commenting more. Don't get me wrong, I love a little comment love but also find that it can be tedious sometimes (not on yours).

dara said...

I have a couple of friends (and one ex boyfriend) that I know read the blog, but they refuse to comment. One actually called me to ask me about something I wrote.

My response was "Dude, WTF? You couldn't ask that in a comment?"

Priorities, priorities.

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah I don't expect comments from anyone. I like them, of course, but if there's nothing to say, there's nothing to say. No biggee. In this particular case, it's more the feeling I couldn't help but get that this person felt above me, blogwise;)

Shannon said...

i wish more people would comment also
after all that's how i found you....

Miss Scarlet said...

I think some people don't get that blogs are in a public forum so comments, even from strangers, are welcome. If we didn't want comments, we'd write in a book.