Thursday, July 27, 2006


I love how certain smells, sights, or sounds can trigger the memory. The other day I walked out to my car and the way the wind felt I was all of a sudden on the beach, relaxing in the sun. That memory escape was extremely brief, maybe the time of a blink of the eye, because very quickly I was back in the reality of my 30 minute lunch break and NOVA humidity. Yesterday it was cake that took me back and, unfortunately for her, it reminded me of a college roommate.

I was such a great roommate that year. I was hardly ever there and when I was, I was either asleep on the top bunk*, getting ready to go out, or on my computer**. I didn't go home once that year besides mandatory breaks, but still didn't always sleep in my awesome top bunk. Get your minds out of the gutters though, I had two awesome friends who let me crash at their apartments all the time.

Anyway, the reason cake reminded me of that particular roommate and, if it isn't obvious, we were placed together, it wasn't a match made in heaven. MWC effed up the housing process and I, as a senior, was left without a room until just a month or so before I was to move in. But to make a long, boring story short, I pulled some strings and got a room. My roommate was very nice and a fellow Bio major who was taking Music Theory for her math credit so we had that in common***. What we did not have in common was her love for D'Angelo, although my mom asking if the "guy with a lot of muscles" in the picture frame was her boyfriend, made up for her lack of good music taste and also her love of cake. Her family lived very close so quite often her mom would drop off a homemade cake. My roommate always offered me some, which was nice, but I declined. If I never ate the cake then I could be certain that the crumbs dropped on my things were NOT from me. One time I came home and a large chunk (not crumb, chunk) was on some papers from class. I was slightly disgusted and probably turned around and left. I did that a lot. Came home, got what I needed, and left.

I was grateful to have a dorm room that year and I guess the roommate situation could have been a lot worse, but whenever I see homemade cake or KFC (another thing often dropped off), I can't help but be reminded of her.

I have more stories from that year, but I won't bore you with them now.


*Our room sucked. It was so small we HAD to bunk our beds and then she told me she couldn't take the top because she was scared of heights. Bullshit! I was so mad. A 21 year old should not sleep on a bunk bed. I never felt bad when things fell on her from up above.
**I know, big surprise, right?
***No, I didn't take music theory for my math credit, I was a music major. I took calculus II, bitches. I would have taken more of my beloved math but squeezing Bio and Music into four years left no room for fun classes.


Anonymous said...

Was this roommate of your's a freshman? I swear I knew someone who had a freshman roommate in their senior year, which is quite possibly the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard of!

Miss Scarlet said...

No, I had a freshman roommate my junior year after my regular roommate went to study abroad.

lala said...

i could never say no to homemade cake.

KassyK said...

OH that STINKS. :-( I had the dorms one year...then the sorority house and then 2 years of living in the aptmts that most people on campus moved to as upperclassmen.

It was great except for the fact that everyone was drunk 24-7 so when you had a final--You could bet someone would be wasted screaming from their window. Fun fun.

Miss Scarlet said...

Lala- I'm kind of picky about homemade food. Moreso than mystery food from Taco Smell.

KassyK- I chose to live on campus all 4 years and because that's what a lot of my friends did. It was a small school where that was done a lot. But that last year kind of sucked, dorm wise.

Anonymous said...

That's were the person I was thinking of, I just had the wrong year.

We weren't allowed to live off campus, which SUCKED because I also went to a dry school. Don't get me wrong...there was plenty of drinking and partying, you just had to be careful not to get caught. Having to be quiet can get in the way of a good game of asshole!

audrey said...

Sometimes I wish I could have had an American dorm experience. It's just not the same here in crappy old Australia.

Meanwhile, have you seen the Buffy episode where her roommate is driving her crazy and then she turns out to be a demon? Buffy sends that bitch back to her hell dimension.


Dizzie said...

Yesterday, I got a bottle of Ralph Lauren 'Hot' - never smelled it before, but it triggered a memory in my head that I couldn't get rid of. It's painful, because it was comfortable and nice and... yum!

Hate that. *sigh* oh, well, my brain is a bit weird (a 'bit', you ask?)

Unknown said...

I'm going to ignore the whole math-Calculus II-fun comment, so that we can remain friends.