Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Leave The Day Free

While I certainly can't remember what I've done each of my 26 4th of Julys, a few do jump out in my memory. All of the years we drove to Sterling (?) to sit on blankets with hundreds of other people to feel buggy and watch the fireworks. We only did that until my sister was born, I think. I don't mind though as I've never been a fan of those types of events where its a gazillion degrees and you just sit and bake on a field with tons of other sweaty, gross people while you wait for 30 minutes of fireworks and then trying to find your car and getting in traffic in the parking lot. Sorry, not for me! A lot of people out here go to Great Meadow for the 'works which is somethng I have never done for the reasons stated above.

Three years in a row we had a 4th of July party at my house. One year Edenpark played which was pretty crazy but also fun. The nice things about having a party at your own house are getting to escape into the AC, not having to use a PortaPotty, and having all of your own luxuries there just in case. It can be weird mixing so many different people but nothing too embarassing ever happened for which I'm grateful. We stopped having these parties when the cops started cracking down on illegal fireworks. Noone wants to visit their dad in jail on July 5th.

Last year I was at The O.C. with some family and friends. I had a good time but it can be weird to go somewhere you know so well and have gone almost every year of your life with new people. Ali and I have our traditions and our ways of doing things there. We go to the same places, we eat the same food, we have the same routines whenever we are there. By the time it was the fireworks, I think it was back to being just family there. Afterwards I decided I wanted ice cream so Ali and I got in her car to head down there only to get in the INSANE traffic from the people leaving the fireworks. We pretty much just took 30 minutes to get into the traffic, make a U-turn and then get back to our hotel.

I don't think I'm doing anything this year which, I think, is ok. I might change my mind later when Ali leaves for the party she's going to but as of now, I'm content to just catch some fireworks on TV or from my backyard where you can always catch some awesome illegals (not from anyone here...from neighbors.) Noone I know is having any get-togethers and I'm really not into the idea of paying to go see fireworks. Or being outside when it's a gazillion degrees.

OK, Back to tennis.


Unknown said...

Yeah, the 4th has never been a huge holiday for my family either. We'd usually watch on tv and once I remember we went down to the Lake for the annual fireworks show. When I moved to this region, I did the whole DC fireworks thing my first year and feel like I don't need to repeat that. I'm so with you on avoiding the heat.

KassyK said...

I did the fireworks at the waterfront thing 4 years in a row and it gets old...esp when its hot and humid and then thundering. I'm with you--I was supposed to get together with 4 of my girls and have a fun margs night at one of their aptmts and we are all exhausted and decided to stay in!! :-) I'm going to rent PPVIEW fireworks and enjoy the fact that my boss is out all next week. WOO HOO. Happy 4th.

minijonb said...

I might have more apprehension about the 4th than you do. I've never liked the holiday that much... fireworks make me skitish. However, I actually went to go see some fireworks last night and had a good time. I'll dig out my pix when I can this week. Sitting around watching tennis on the tube actually sounds like a great way to spend the 4th. Hope you had a good one.